Mustang Unity


Provide a comfortable atmosphere for self-growth by developing character traits and behaviors that help students become amazing citizens.


Provide an opportunity to improve culture of our school through development of goal setting, self-discipline, respect for self and others, responsibility, etc.

Help to build strong, positive relationships among various members of the learning community, such as teacher and student relationships, student relationships between grade levels, and student relationships among students of the same grade level.

Mustang Unity Monthly Topics

  • Introduction to Advisory: Your Group, Ice breaker activity.
  • Self Discipline: time management, organization (binder, using the agenda), self-control.
  • Responsibility: what does responsibility mean? What are some responsibilities of adults? What are some of your responsibilities as a student? How can you be responsible at home? How can you be responsible at school? How can you be responsible for yourself?
  • Compassion: seeing a need and helping, empathy (what does it really feel like to walk in that person's shoes?), each group come up with a community service project for the month of December: Examples: can drive for FISH, letters to soldiers, veterans, Christmas cards to teachers, Filling their "bucket" with nice notes, etc.
  • Courage (bullying, substance abuse): Example of possible activities include: Martin Luther King, Jr. - standing up for what is right even if you are standing alone, disagreeing respectfully, being courageous in a respectful way, what kind of jobs take a lot of courage? (firemen, police officers, etc.)
  • Integrity: Honesty & Accountability, integrity in your schoolwork, copywriting, cheating, acknowledging that you made a mistake, but learn how to move forward (fail forward), admit when you didn't do your best or didn't make a wise choice
  • Respect: tone and volume of voice, reactions to people, courteous ways to ask questions & approach others, respect for self (it's okay to be different & respect others that are different), Personality Quiz - respecting others that are different, how to speak appropriately to adults (please, thank you, Mrs. & Mr.)
  • Perseverance: finishing what you started (grit), finish on a positive note, failing forward, fight to the finish, make the change, goal setting - how close are you to meeting your goals for the end of the year?, What did you not do before that you need to do now?
  • Summer Camp Meetings with HS coaches, advisory goal setting (setting summer goals - look back at our goals when we return in August), set 2 personal goals for the summer, set 2 goals for next school year.

Celebrating our progress:

Mustang Unity cards to the office - receive a leaf, put name on leaf, put it on the tree, then get those items put on their locker after the month is over.